“Vancouver Rhapsody” is a 2016 feature film made by Betty Jiang, and under the production company of Wen wen International Enterprises Ltd. It was privately funded by her family, specifically herself, and her father, Guo Nan Jiang. “Vancouver Rhapsody” was made with the artistic help and support of local Vancouver actors, and with the additional time and dedication of Simon Fraser University Film graduates and other Canadian bred artists.

Jiang began the writing process in July of 2014. After numerous drafts a final one was completed by January 2015.

Two months of pre-production was then dedicated towards completing a pre-production package, finding the right cast, and recruiting crew members. Simon Fraser University Graduates Ryder White and Alexandra Caulfield were then recruited as Director of Photography and Production Designer, respectively. They also became co-producers of the project. The two crew members then went off to do their preliminary work, work involving how to set decorate and light the story. White and Caulfield were also involved in securing equipment rental, and offering creative decisions and advise to Jiang. Meetings with the director went on and off from March 2015 – September 2015.

Also between March 2015 – September 2015, rehearsal began with local Vancouver casted actors Daniel Lim, Kristina Swaroff, Lauren Campbell, and Keith Chisholm. Rehearsal of the script went on and off throughout the weeks, with the specific function of blocking the scenes, establishing character reactions and character relationships. It also made filming easier, when the time was to come. The rehearsals were successful, and the amount was just enough for the actors to start exploring more on set come September 2015’s end.

In August, sound recordist and sound designer Jessica Han was recruited. The SFU film graduate acted as both boom operator and on set sound mixer. Also, local SFU film graduate Vladimir Fedulov acted as a secondary boom operator and on set sound mixer.

Main filming occurred over 5 days at the end of September, with each day covering approximately 13 script pages. Equipment was rented from Cineworks, Long & Mcquade, and other filmmaker friends.  Additional filming occurred for 3 days at the beginning of October 2015, and by then the film was ready for post-production.

Jiang disappeared into the editing room for three months, and from mid-October to mid-January a 100min picture locked version of “Vancouver Rhapsody” was created. During this time, an additional 2 day photography work with the actors was also conducted. Black and white kodak footage of the actors in the Vancouver setting were sent to Cinelab in the USA for processing and telecine transfer. The returned footage was then inserted into the final cut to give “Vancouver Rhapsody” a nice flair.

In January and February, test screenings were held as Jiang bought jazz music licensing from Toronto music composer Jono Grant of Victory Drive Music Inc. By February 2016’s end, the film was ready for it’s sound design phase.

During the sound design phase, Sound Editor Natalia Lavalle and Pertra Sound worked with the technical difficulties of the design. There was special focus on the dialogue edit from April 2016 to October 2017. Vancouver Rhapsody was formally completed on November 7, 2016.


-Betty Jiang November 2016