Daniel Lim Vancouver Rhapsody


A formal restless and hungry UBCP & Actra actor who is striving to break through every new level. His previous works include pilot and actor roles in tv, film, and commercials such as ‘The Interview’, ‘The Man in the High Castle’, ‘The iZombie’, ‘The Romeo Section’, ‘Dos Equis’, and Nissan car commercials. Daniel is a sensitively fast learning actor with all of his best soul and heart.





Lauren Campbell Vancouver Rhapsody




Lauren Campbell is a Vancouver-based actor represented by Darren Boidman, Owner/Agent of Carrier Talent Management. She has been involved in theatre from the age of 4, and is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Lauren has performed a vast array of roles in theatre productions in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and has TV/film credits from productions in both Canada and the US. In 2015, Lauren was awarded Best Female Actor at the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival for her portrayal of Roberta in John Patrick Shanley’s, Danny In The Deep Blue Sea. For the past three years, Lauren has also been working with Project Limelight, a free theatre program for kids who are driven to perform. Besides acting, Lauren has a diverse range of experience as a director, producer, teacher and choreographer.




Kristina began playing in the Vancouver arts scene about 4 years ago. Since then she has acted in several short films, plays and commercials. This is her first feature film.







Keith Chisolm headshot.jpg




As a young child, Keith recognized that he was a not like the other kids around him- as he was often deep in thought, spinning stories, and creating plots. So he started to get involved in theatre. Fighting stage fright over the years and at the age of 25, Keith started taking acting classes in Toronto on Young and Blur Street. His 3 years of involvement in the Toronto’s acting clubs resulted in his ignition of an acting career. Keith went on to study at the Methodica Acting Studio in Vancouver, and played supporting roles in theatre productions like the Bone Yard, The Rape, Mister Paradise, Waiting for Godot, The Island, Auto-da-Fe, the Last of My solid Gold Watches, and was recently involved in films including Transmission and Vancouver Rhapsody. “ A path can only be travelled if it exists due to being walked many times”.